Tech Tip: Be faster and more efficient with circuit testing

Fuses, although simple to locate and inexpensive to replace, can sometimes be troublesome for auto technicians. From actually removing a fuse to ensuring that it is working properly, this small but vital part of an automobile can sometimes take up more of a technician's time than necessary. Matco introduced the TH209 Professional Circuit/Parasitic Drain Tester to help save time, and allows technicians to work smarter.

The TH209 is unlike any other circuit tester on the market, according to the company, as it is the only tool that allows a technician to quickly test fuses without removing them.

This innovative tool also has features that allow technicians to adjust fuse values, allowing accurate testing on most fuses and test amperage on standard mini and maxi fuses. It can also be used on all domestic and foreign vehicle makes and models, helping technicians become faster and more efficient in all circuit-testing situations. 

Information provided by: Matco Tools