Tools that help a shop succeed

Amy Mattinat focuses on aggressive networking and marketing.

8) Wilton 1755 vise

“It’s heavy duty,” Mattinat says of this vise. “You can get new teeth for it right off the truck; eventually, the teeth wear off.” Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut, this one has a round channel vise nut anchored at the rear. For information on this tool, go to

9) GearWrench ratchet wrench

GearWrench ratcheting wrenches are available in larger sizes in both SAE and metric measurements. “They (the ratchet wrenches) are extra long,” says Mattinat, who notes that the shop mainly uses 10mm, 14mm and 17mm size wrenches. "They (the techs) can get into a lot of different spaces.” For information on this tool, go to:

10)  Balcrank reel hose

The reel hose is available in sizes up to 60' (50' with 10' hanging) hose. Mattinat has a hose positioned next to each bay. “You don’t have to be carrying oil around,” she says. “It’s convenient having good shop flow, and good production is a key ingredient in making money.” For information on this tool, go to

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