The hidden benefits of monitoring tire pressures

Tire pressure monitoring systems help to reduce tire related repair and maintenance costs.

The low-pressure event can be date/time stamped and marked with a GPS location to help the driver find a proper facility to have the tire serviced. The pressure and temperature data can also be used for analysis and improving tire inflation maintenance practices.

Ultimately, both the understood and hidden benefits associated with implementing tire pressure monitoring systems are making a real difference in reducing tire-related repair and maintenance costs for a significant number of fleets across the country.

Jim Samocki is the general manager of Doran Manufacturing, a company that has been involved with tire pressure monitoring systems since 2001 and introduced the Doran 360 TPMS for trucks and trailers in 2008 ( It has been manufacturing and supplying other transportation safety products for more than 35 years, including LED and incandescent Exterior Light Monitors, Sleeping Child Checks, Emergency Exit Monitors, a full range of LED lighting products to the school bus market and customized electric terminals and terminal boards.

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