Sales tip: A couple strange sales tips you have to try

John Seybold, an independent tool distributor based out of Chicopee, Mass., ran up to five different tool trucks simultaneously during his franchise days. He has learned a few tricks selling so many tools, but he only shared with Professional Distributor his two best.

Trick 1: If he hears that a customer is "interested" in a tool, he will often just buy it and present it to the customer. The customer's response typically sounds like, "I don't remember ordering that." Then Seybold responds: "But, you have expressed interest in it!" Most of the time, this results in a purchase.

Trick 2: Seybold's customers also have learned to take advantage of specials. "Oftentimes, they will not want to buy something on clearance so I say, 'Fine, don't buy it.' Then, they need it a few days later. Now, the next time I say 'fine, don't buy it' they are quicker to buy the tool, because they are afraid of that happening again," explains Seybold.

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