In Focus: SP Tools BMW Injector puller

The SP Tools' BMW Injector Puller, No. 11800, allows for the easy removal of injectors on all BMWs with direct injection. On in-line six-cylinder engines the tool allows the user to simply screw the tool on to the top of the injector and after tapping the slider the injector comes out easily. It also helps ease the removal of injectors on V8s as well. 

Features and benefits

-All BMW techs will benefit from this tool when servicing the injection system on late-model direct injection gas engines.

-Independent and dealership technicians will be interested in the tool.

-This specially designed tool with its low-profile design allows technicians to remove the hard-to-reach injectors on the BMW V8 motors, saving many hours of labor.

-In most V8 applications this tool can save the technician from removing the engine to access the rear injectors, saving many hours of time:

  • All fuel system repairs on BMW direct injection motors, including the inline 6 and V8 motors.
  • Technicians reported to SP Tools how difficult it was to reach the injectors on the rear of the BMW V8 motors, leaving them few options other than removing the motor to gain access.
  • SP Tools came up with a low-profile slide hammer that has just enough clearance to attach and remove the injector saving the technician countless hours.


  • This tool is 100-percent made in the U.S.A. from high-strength alloy steel.
  • The slide weight is right around 1 lb, giving plenty of pulling power to tap the injector out.
  • The tool is shipped in a special poly bag with an informative insert card that shows the tool attached to the injector.

Suggested retail price