The SmartWay designation

SmartWay is a service mark of the U.S. EPA that designates the cleanest, most fuel-efficient passenger vehicles.

For commercial trucks, the SmartWay specification is currently available only for Class 8 tractor trailers used in long-haul service. These trucks typically use the most fuel of any type of heavy duty truck because they drive the longest distances, say EPA officials.

EPA, working with its SmartWay partners, identified a suite of vehicle designs and equipment that, taken together, can reduce the fuel consumption of a Class 8 long-haul tractor trailer by 10 to 20 percent for 2007 or newer models, relative to a tractor trailer not equipped with these features. Qualified tractors and trailers are eligible to be designated as SmartWay.

In addition to savings on fuel, models that meet SmartWay specifications reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and air pollutants, they say.

Components and features that make up a SmartWay vehicle are not SmartWay designated since SmartWay is an exclusive designation that applies only to vehicles, note the officials. However, components - including aerodynamic trailer fairings - can be evaluated to verify that the fuel savings meets the requirements of the SmartWay tractor trailer specification.

The technical specifications and requirements for an EPA-designated SmartWay Tractor and SmartWay Trailer can be found at