How to Improve Vehicle Maintenance And CSA Scores

Fleet management system helps Veolia Environmental Services realize $41,000 in annual savings

When the inspection is complete, the driver places the handheld Zonar 2010 into the cradle of the vehicle mount, typically located in the cab. The information is then instantly transmitted to a secure database that Bomgardner can readily access from any web-browser via Zonar’s Ground Traffic Control web-based fleet management software to have a real-time picture of fleet operations.

“We have to improve and maintain good CSA scores in order to maintain our safety rating,” he says. “If we lose our good safety rating, then we can’t haul certain hazardous materials for Fortune 500 companies, and that’s our bread and butter to make a living. We can’t afford to have a cowboy out there driving a truck, getting us into trouble and jeopardizing our livelihood.”

Mike Bartholomew, director of special programs for Veolia ES Technical Solutions, adds that Veolia’s customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of their carriers having a good and robust asset tracking and management program in place. As a result, the company has plans to expand the use of Zonar in more of its divisions.

“With some of the high-hazard materials we haul, safety and security are critical issues,” he says. “Our customers need to know where our trucks are, and having the ability to track them using Zonar is a very important tool for our operation.”

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