How to Improve Vehicle Maintenance And CSA Scores

Fleet management system helps Veolia Environmental Services realize $41,000 in annual savings

For Veolia Environmental Services North America’s operating groups, reducing waste is not only a key part of the company’s mission, but also a key objective in the company’s fleet operation. To help it fulfill that objective, the Electronics Recycling Division (ERD) of Veolia ES Technical Solutions ( in 2010 adopted Zonar’s electronic fleet management system. The system includes an electronic vehicle inspection reporting (EVIR) solution for pre- and post-trip inspections and an onboard telematics platform. The telematics system captures data, including fuel consumption, rate of travel, idle time and fault codes.


Zonar is a leading electronic fleet management solutions provider specializing in tracking and operations services for both private and public fleets (

Managers at ERD monitor this data to manage driver performance and streamline the vehicle maintenance process, which helps with continuous improvement.

As a result of using Zonar to identify and then repair mechanical problems early, the division has realized $41,000 in year-over-year savings, says Michael Bomgardner, ERD’s fleet manager. Roadside service calls have been reduced by 22 percent, resulting in a savings of $13,000 when compared to a 12-month period prior to Zonar’s installation.

ERD has also experienced a 13 percent reduction in the amount of time its vehicles spend in the maintenance shop, realizing annual savings of about $28,000 as a result of improved maintenance shop efficiencies, he adds.


Bomgardner’s estimate of these savings does not include Veolia driver downtime costs, which are based on $85 per hour.

Veolia charges customers when drivers are detained. It’s a fixed cost based in large part on how much Veolia pays drivers per mile, he explains.

That estimate also doesn’t include the cost of roadside assistance or equipment that must be repaired or replaced to return the truck to service.

Ultimately, reducing driver and vehicle downtime results in better on-time service to customers. This provides great value, notes Bomgardner, but is difficult to quantify in terms of savings.


More important than the savings are the significant improvements in the division’s and company’s scores under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Program, says Bomgardner.

Since adopting the Zonar system, the division improved its percentile scores in nearly all of CSA’s seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories used to quantify on-the-road safety performance: Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances/Alcohol, Vehicle Maintenance, Cargo Securement and Crash History. The percentile scores were reduced by more than a third, which also has contributed to the reduction of overall company scores, he says.

CSA is an initiative designed to improve road safety by increasing FMCSA’s efficiency in collecting and utilizing inspection data to identify high-risk carriers and drivers. Under CSA, the lower the percentile score, the better.


Veolia ES Technical Solutions offers a complete range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste services for industrial and municipal customers through its nationwide network of service, treatment, disposal and transportation facilities. The group operates incineration, solvent recycling and electronics recycling services, along with low-level radioactive and mixed waste solutions, and provides onsite services from a national footprint of locations.

The Phoenix-based ERD operates a mixed fleet of 33 tractors with dry van, flatbed and tanker trailers, maintained through a nationwide leasing program administered by Penske. With equipment running in all of the “Lower 48” states, ERD drivers or dispatchers call a toll-free number to schedule maintenance or arrange for assistance for emergency roadside service calls.


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