Go Big — But Go Safely

Lift manufacturers offer recommendations for shops.

Bentley reminds shops that most medium duty vehicles are built on a frame. These vehicles have different lifting requirements than unibody vehicles.

“If a shop is adamant about purchasing a two-post lift, we require the use of frame-engaging adapters when lifting a vehicle with a frame construction,” he says. “Frame-cradling adapters reduce the risk of the vehicle’s frame sliding off the lift’s pads.”

Also remember that lifting many work trucks is not as straightforward as it may initially appear. Take time to examine how the truck is equipped, especially in terms of weight distribution, before lifting it.

“Medium duty trucks, unlike light duty trucks, are frequently unevenly loaded front to rear,” says Yeo. “This means that the operator must ensure that the vehicle is properly balanced and steps are taken after lifting to ensure that the vehicle remains stable.”

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