Tech Tip: Be sure to have enough time for RRR machine operation

SAE 2788 certification requires that Recovery/Recycle/Recharge machines remove 95 percent of the refrigerant in a vehicle. Obviously, this process requires more time than previous RRR machines. Technicians should be aware of the extended time required to conform to current SAE 2788 certification. 

Technicians need a user friendly, reliable and durable Certified RRR machine. This machine should allow them to easily perform the reclamation process in an automatic or manual procedure. 

The SAE certified machines offered by Mastercool allow the end user to easily perform all the required functions. The automatic procedure allows for the push of a button, while the assisted procedure allows the technician to perform any one function. Programming within each machine provides step by step instructions throughout the reclamation process. 

All models have a two-year warranty, 6 cfm vacuum pump and automatic or manual capabilities. All models also include an updated database of over 1,000 vehicles refrigerant capacities. 

Models available:

  • 69788-A Automatic/Programable RRR 
  • 69789 Fully Automatic/Programmable/Printer/Graphic display. 
  • 69789-H Automatic/Programmable Hybrid and Standard / Printer / Graphic display / Integrated flushing system. 

Information provided by: Mastercool, Inc.