Tech Tip: Change vacuum pump oil frequently

Clean oil is important for peak vacuum pump performance. When the oil becomes contaminated, it reduces the pump's ability to remove moisture from an A/C system, exposing it to potential corrosion. Most A/C RRR machines, like the Robinair 34788, will notify users when to change vacuum pump oil. To make sure the vacuum pump in your A/C RRR machine is performing at an optimal level, users should change the pump oil frequently and especially in the following conditions:

  • Evacuation of an A/C system that is suspected to be overly moisture laden.
  • Evacuation of a system where the compressor had failed.
  • Pump oil looks cloudy or milky.
  • Vacuum pump has run for 10 hours or more.

Frequent oil changes will help ensure the vacuum pump is always performing at an optimal level, ensuring total moisture removal from A/C systems and proper service.

Information provided by: Robinair, Service Solutions LLC