Big-Time Boxes: Size matters

Owner: Brian Hall, Carolina Collision & Frame Service, Rock Hall, SC

Brian Hall has had his massive Snap-on toolbox for only two years and already has "had a couple of buddies that want to rent the upper lockers as a place to stay" when their wives get angry at them.

Why? This toolbox is big. As in, absolutely massive. Hall has a personal collection of classic cars and new Camaros, but the toolbox at his home is the item that seems to get everyone’s attention.

"I am a tool junkie, so just walking in my shop and seeing it makes me proud," says Hall.

Hall’s favorite feature about the box is its size. "There is so much storage space and depth of the drawers that you can really spread out and keep everything neat and in order," says Hall. "Just the enormous size, 16’ 2" long (by) 9’ 1" tall."

The scary part is that all the drawers in the box are full. He also likes that "every locker and the workstation lights up when the doors open."

Those lights illuminate a toolbox worth, an estimated $60,000, with a "vast variety" of tools therein.

"I have most any tool you could imagine inside," says Hall. "I do a lot of final assembly of restorations there. I have all types of diagnostic and specialty tools needed to complete almost any job."

Hall’s big-time box is in many ways a result of his business going big time. "We have been in business since 1998 here and have grown to a 20-bay, 13,000-square-foot collision center," Hall boasts. "We’re turning out between 120 and 160 cars a month."

Needless to say, to churn out that many cars, you need a lot of tools. And a box to store them, too.