Top 10 Tools: Chad Nelson, Chad's Automotive

Independent repair shop focuses on race cars and provides general repair service.

Power Probe's Master Combo Kit, No. PPKIT03, allows the technician to follow and locate short and open circuits without removing molding panels and carpet just to expose wires. “What don’t I use it for? It offers a lot of flexibility for electronic diagnosis. I use one tool out of the box rather than three or four; you would need a circuit tester, a multimeter and a pulsar if there were no Power Probe.” The technician can see voltage displayed instantly by contacting the probe tip to a circuit. Instantly determines if a contact is a good or bad ground. It also verifies a short circuit or an open circuit. For more information on this product, go to:

8) Mac Tools universal hydraulic flaring tool set 

This tool kit comes in a custom molded box and provides GM fuel line flare; brake lines and transmission 5/16” and 3/8”; flare/double flare 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8” and ½” and metric bubble flare. “It allows you to do standard flare, single flare and fuel line flare. You’re not squeezing a handle and you get uniform flares each and every time. This is versatile.” For more information on this product, go to:

9) Mac Tools anti-vibe hammers

Mac Tools Anti-Vibe Hammers are available in a variety of sizes including 8 oz. (No. BH08AV), 12 oz. (No. BH12AV), 16 oz. (No. BH16AV), 24 oz. (No. BH24AV) and 32 oz. (No. BH32AV), and feature patented AntiVibe technology to dampen vibration. “It really deadens the residual effects from hammering. The hammer absorbs that and does not feed it back through your hands. It’s comfortable on your hands.” For more information on this product, go to:

10) Mac Tools Cobalt drill 35-pc extractor set

TThis master extractor set includes a variety of screw extractors, left-hand Cobalt drills and spiral flute extractors. “It gets you out of a jam a lot of times. Inevitably, bolts are going to break and studs are going to break. Having the bolts will save you from additional hours trying to extract them other ways. You break your drill bits every now and then. You can extract bolts broken off in an engine f or chassis and put them back correctly. You can give the vehicle back knowing it is fixed 100 percent.” For more information on this product, go to:


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