JME Innovations Split Rethreading dies

The American-made, two-piece JME Innovations Split Rethreading Dies can repair damaged threads on studs, drive shafts and struts without having to remove the part. Using a die stock, socket or a “gear wrench” to get the job done, this two-piece die can be placed anywhere there are good threads. It can repair the threads from the bottom up, or the traditional way, from the top down.

Selling points

  • It can repair damaged threads quickly and easily.
  • Because the dies can be split in half and put back together, rethreading can be done on many studs without removing them from the vehicle.
  • It can be used to repair the individual sections of bolts and studs that are damaged.

Features and benefits

  • It comes in 10 different kits, 41 individual dies.
  • It allows the technician to attach the die anywhere below the damaged threads, eliminating the danger of cross threading.
  • The dies are not held together by a band or spring, allowing them to be “clicked” together without any need to replace parts in the future.


  • Made in Ohio, U.S.A.
  • Machined from A-2 carbon tool steel.
  • Heat-treated to a Rockwell 58-62 hardness.
  • Each die only weighs a few ounces each.
  • The kits typically weigh around 2 lbs.

Storage and display

The items are shipped in boxes if bought as a whole kit, and in bags for individual dies.Suggested retail price

From $29 and up for individual dies, and $165 and up for the kits, depending on the number and size of the dies included.

Distributors are sold the product at a price so they can make a 30 percent margin on the product.

For more information

JME Innovations LLC

9524 State Rt 177

College Corner, OH 45003

(513) 796-0135