Ask the Expert: Why is total vehicle wheel alignment so important?

Q: Why is total vehicle wheel alignment so important?

A: In the heavy duty truck alignment industry, there are several concepts that establish accurate truck alignment to achieve maximum efficiency. Alignment equipment on the market today varies widely in areas of overall design, technology and the extent of capabilities.

Inexpensive and basic systems may only use mechanical equipment that depends on technician interpretation to gauge some alignment angles. More expensive equipment may take only a few basic alignment measurements and then input the findings into a computer to analyze the alignment condition. Even some computerized alignment equipment still may only allow you to measure and adjust basic toe and tracking errors.

Bee Line recognized a long time ago that measurement and correction of all the major alignment angles is necessary to achieve maximum truck efficiency. The company promotes the concept of "Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment" to extend tire life, maximize fuel efficiency and improve vehicle handling. Total Vehicle Wheel Alignment means measuring and correcting all alignment angles, not just toe and rear tracking.

Proper wheel alignments result in:

  1. Increased tire performance – up to 30 percent, and even more miles.
  2. Decreased fuel consumption – 1 to 3 percent better fuel mileage.
  3. Improved drivability – increased driver satisfaction/less fatigue.
  4. Improved performance from suspension parts. 

Information provided by: Bee Line