How to rid your company of safety complacency

No matter how much a company spends on safety training and products, people eventually become complacent, according to Chuck Davis, president and CEO of the C.A. Short Company, a full-service recognition company that creates results-driven safety incentive and employee recognition programs ( This complacency leads to serious and significant workplace accidents every day, and these accidents cost companies greatly year after year.

C.A. Short Company research shows that many accidents can be prevented through strategic programs designed to reduce complacency and promote safety awareness.

Although an accident is often just that, an accident, many can be avoided or prevented through effective safety programs that can rid a company of safety complacency and create a keen awareness of safety in within the organization, he says.

"Safety awareness is the process of enticing employees to think about safety every hour of every day," says Davis. "Safety-focused employees will be much less likely to cause an accident, and every accident avoided is money in the bank."

In his book, The Missing Link, he details how a company "can instantly change" its safety culture and sustain, over the long-term, reductions in workplace injuries by incorporating the 10 Essential Elements of Safety Awareness.

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