Sales tip: Speak to customers man to man

Wayne Kolvoord, a Mac Tools distributor believes talking to every customer, one on one, is a key to success. He makes it a point to ask each customer how they are doing, if they have any warranty needs or any "issues."

Kolvoord also does his best to take a personal interest in all of his customers. He thinks technicians in general are genuine, likable people. "They're my customers. I put them above me," he said. He finds out what their personal interests are and tries to make conversation about things other than the business. "It's serious business, but you've still got to have some fun," he says.

Since starting the business four years ago, his sales have increased every month. When he started, he was told he should do 20 sales and 40 transactions per day. He surpassed these averages from day one, and he currently averages 28 sales and 50 transactions per day.

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