Sales tip: Getting the trust of skeptical customers

Wayne Kolvoord of Mac Tools started out in the mobile tool business four years ago. When he did, Mac gave him a list of customers. Most of the territory had gone unserved for nine months. Some customers told him they would not buy anything from him for two years. But when they saw him coming back to their shops every week at the same time, most began buying within six months.

To the skeptics among his customers, Kolvoord offered a bet. He bet them $10,000 he would still be business in five years. No one took him up on the bet.

There were a lot of warranties to honor when he began visiting customers who hadn't seen a Mac Tools truck for many months. Kolvoord looked at this as a chance to build new relationships. "That really put a lot of guys in good favor," he said. "It’s all about sales, service and collections."

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