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Tech Tip: Safety to consider when measuring voltages of hybrids

When measuring voltages on hybrid vehicles, always use a DMM with minimum safety rating of CATIII 1000V. This IEC over voltage category indicates the instrument has been tested to withstand an 8,000V impulse voltage. In addition, your test leads should also be rated CATIII 1000V. Lastly, always wear rubber insulated gloves rated to at least 1,000V AC (class 0), which are tested and inspected prior to measuring.

There are dangerous electrical currents potentially found in the vehicles capacitors, motor generators, high-voltage battery pack and high-voltage cables. High-voltage cables are normally colored orange. Before taking any measurements, strictly follow OEM instructions and procedures regarding the disabling and verified shut-down of the vehicles HV system.

The Electronic Specialties Model TMX-589 Tech Meter meets the CATIII 1000V safety category as specified by vehicle OEM's and includes CATIII 1,000V test leads. Proper fusing and internal preparations regarding the switching components contribute to achieving CATIII status. TMX-589 is also rated IP67 waterproof and dustproof to withstand severe working environments. This model includes a one-hour instructional DVD and LOADpro test leads for performing voltage drop tests.

Information provided by: Electronic Specialties, Inc.