Tech Tip: Make high-end diagnostics efficient with wireless

When it comes to automotive diagnostics, technicians know the importance of diagnosing an issue quickly and accurately, without hassle. While there are many scan tool options, many are held back by connection difficulty and bulky cords, forcing techs to reference various manuals and spend valuable time using office computers. To overcome these struggles, Matco Tools introduced Maximus, a fast and complete wireless diagnostic tablet.

Matco’s Maximus is capable of everything from pulling codes to diagnosing the most complex problems, while also functioning as a tablet computer with Windows 7 operating system. Technicians can wirelessly navigate through menus and access repair databases quickly, and run multiple applications while diagnosing vehicles, all without a cord. And with easy, one-click Wi-Fi updates, users can always have the most current software in as little as 45 seconds on a single car line.

The tablet uses Wi-Fi for Internet and Class 1 Bluetooth to connect to the vehicle for faster, streamlined fixes and no-hassle connectivity. Technicians have the freedom to move throughout the shop and don’t run into connection issues, allowing for faster diagnosis with less chance of a crash. And with Matco’s exclusive docking station, Maximus is always ready for use.

Maximus can help eliminate connectivity and mobility issues while increasing shop profitability and speed of diagnosis.

Information provided by: Matco Tools