Personal issues or sins against quality?

Take a lesson from security experts

It is extremely easy to blame the last link in the chain – the worker. But how many other causes, or potential causes, might there be that any worker might fall prey to?

Of course, the worker is the last link and, therefore, is not off the hook. But the issue is bigger and more complicated than just a worker’s ignorance, inattention or bad attitude.

If you are serious about improving maintenance quality, I would recommend getting a group of workers together. Include both experienced and new workers. Ask them to work together and come up with the 10 top causes of bad quality maintenance work in your organization.

Once you have the list, develop a program to mitigate or eliminate as many of the top 10 causes as you can.

Joel Levitt has trained more than 6,000 maintenance leaders from more than 3,000 organizations. Since 1980, he has been the president of Springfield Resources, a management consulting firm that services a variety of clients on a wide range of maintenance issues.

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