Ten considerations when buying a used tool truck

A checklist of features to look for and questions to ask when deciding to purchase a used tool truck.


While it's often difficult and time consuming, ask for the service and maintenance history of the vehicle, and invoices of any mechanical work completed. If you're not a mechanic, have a mechanic inspect the vehicle or even require a DOT inspection. Take into consideration the potential cost of refurbishment.

Buying From a Truck Builder v. Private Party 

There are definitely advantages to buying from a reputable truck builder – the largest being peace of mind. A few points to consider: Trade-in tool trucks tend to be in better shape than vehicles being sold by dealers leaving the business. When you buy from a reputable truck builder, the vehicle should have undergone a full mechanical inspection, most exterior body issues will have been addressed, the interior will be detailed and major and most minor issues will have been repaired. You will also have a service person to call as issues arise. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to make minor layout modifications and customizations at a reasonable cost prior to taking delivery. However, this is not to say there are not great deals to be had by buying a well-maintained truck from a private party.

So, how do you go about locating your used truck? The industry has changed in recent years, thanks to the advent of the Internet. Gone are the days of truck trading print ads, today's buyers and sellers can go right online.  Most of the tool truck manufacturers list the used trucks they've taken in on trade and a few have gone so far as to set up "Used Tool Truck" pages to assist sellers in listing their used trucks.

LDV's used truck page offers free listing, unlimited pictures, and no listing period. Tooltrucks.com charges a small fee and will list your truck for as long as it takes to sell. Used tool truck buyers are no longer limited by word of mouth and geography. The vehicles listed for sale on these sites, make it easy to search for a truck that suits your needs and your price point. 

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