Extreme Tools 70" Pit Box

The Extreme Tools 70” Pit Box, No. TXPIT7009, has seven drawers and two side compartments. This tool cart allows the user to take it just about anywhere he needs his tools to go. With seven big drawers and two large side compartments, the technician can hit the road with everything he needs. The heavy duty wheels and disc brakes make traveling with tools easy.


Selling points

  • Designed to offer a viable solution for transporting a large quantity of tools, the box can easily be taken anywhere the technician wants his tools.
  • Weighs 543 lbs and offers 37,503 cu of storage.
  • Includes seven large drawers and two large side compartments, so it can hold a lot more tools than a simple cart.
  • Drawers can hold 100 to 200 lbs of tools each.
  • Easy mobility with heavy duty wheels and disc brakes.
  • Sturdy 14-gauge steel construction.
  • Built-in, stainless steel top provides stain-resistant, tough surface for work.
  • The extra-deep, high gloss, AKZO powdercoat finish resists scratches, scuffs and chemical stains.


Features and benefits

This highly mobile, heavy duty tool box allows the user to take his tools of varying sizes anywhere. It has seven ball-bearing drawers, one extra deep and two large storage compartments with peg board and one shelf each. The wheels are in fact heavy duty pneumatic tires that make moving the box on several different surfaces smooth and easy.

Because the toolbox is built for traveling, it includers raise and release drawer handles that lock each drawer in place so they do not open when the box is moved. Tubular coded locks with keys keep the tools safe while the technician is away. Another benefit is that the tools stay in place thanks to skid-proof, quiet ride foam drawer liners. The box can easily be stopped thanks to its T-shaped handle, complete with disc brake controls for easy maneuvering.



The technology offered by Extreme Tools in this 70” Pit Box allows the user to take advantage of situations where the mobility of a tool cart is needed, but the amount of tools needed for a job is more substantial. Technicians that travel or work out of several locations would also appreciate the enhanced mobility of the toolbox and its ability to keep drawers secure during moves.



The Extreme Tools 70” Pit Box was designed to offer a viable solution for transporting a large quantity of tools without the use of a vehicle. Even though pit boxes were originally designed for a racing pit crew, this Pit Box can be used wherever tools are needed: in a garage, at a race track or in a repair shop.



  • Overall dimensions: 70” wide by 24” deep by 48” high
  • Toolbox dimensions: 64” wide by 24” deep by 43.5” high


Storage and display

To protect it during shipping, it uses a custom-built, wooden crate to surround the pit box.


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