Tool Review: SP Air 3/8" Super Fast Mini Impact Ratchet

Tom Karagianis, owner of Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, is no stranger to working in tight spots. His shop specializes in machine work and European vehicles. Even though he is a shop owner, he and his brother do all the shop’s work. So, that means he has to get his hands dirty and appreciates a tool that helps him get the job done.

Karagianis was impressed by the brute power the tool has for its size.

“It’s hard to explain this tool, unless you use it. It’s kind of neat,” he says. “It's one of the fastest I have ever used.”

So fast that it intuitively feels too fast for its size. “It is so fast I’m afraid of breaking the head off. I don’t use it to reverse something that is stuck,” Karagianis says. “It’s a mini 3/8” air ratchet that is the size of a 1/4” air ratchet. It’s about 7” long, 8” with an air fitting. Yet, it has a 3/8” head.”

When asked whether he thought he actually could break bolts with it, he replied that he didn’t doubt it’s ability. Rather, he liked the tool and was not used to something of that size packing that much power, so he did not want to use it as rough as one would use a bigger tool.

“Once you loosen the fastener, watch out, it is coming out!” Karagianis says.

He also likes that the tool offers quiet operation and feels comfortable in his hand.

When asked to give his final comments on the tool, Karagianis said that “it looks and functions like the 1/4” Matco tool; it has the same handle and everything, but it has a 3/8” head. I like it just the way it is; there’s nothing I’d change.”

Product Description

The SP Air Corp. 3/8” Super Fast Mini Impact Ratchet, No. SP-1765, provides a maximum speed of 500 rpm and a maximum torque of 55 ft/lbs. A patented, reaction-free impact mechanism helps minimize damage to the user’s wrist and knuckles. This tool comes in a compact size to safely and efficiently reach tight, space-restricted areas. This product has an overall length of 6-7/8” and weigh 1-3/8 lbs. SP Air also offers the 1/4" Super Fast Mini Impact Wrench, No. SP-1764, with the same power and torque as the SP-1765.