Volvo Trucks debuts VNX heavy haul tractor

Volvo Trucks ( has its revealed its new premium Volvo VNX, a high-performance model designed for extreme gross weight applications, featuring a Volvo integrated powertrain with a newly introduced D16 engine with 600 horsepower, 2,050 lb.-ft. torque and I-Shift automated manual transmission.

Developed for applications up to 225,000 lbs, the Volvo VNX is intended for long combination vehicles, heavy equipment hauling, aggregate, lowboy, logging, oil field and mining operations.

VNX demonstrator models will be available early summer, and customers can begin placing orders fall of 2013.

New for the Volvo VNX is a 16-liter D16 engine with 600 horsepower and 2,050 lb.-ft. torque, Volvo's most powerful North American engine, said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. The VNX also features Volvo's I-Shift automated manual transmission, a standard feature across Volvo's North American product lineup.

I-Shift's integrated sensors identify truck load and road grade to place the truck in the right gear for the conditions for smooth, optimum shifts, improving fuel efficiency and extending clutch life and service intervals.

"A Volvo integrated powertrain ensures seamless communication between the engine and transmission and maximizes the efficiency of the components," said Nyberg. "The Volvo D16 engine and I-Shift are a proven combination utilized globally for heavy-haul applications."

Available in 6x4 and 8x4 configurations, the Volvo VNX offers a wide range of heavy-haul components to ensure it is properly spec'd for the job. Front axle ratings range from 16,000 to 20,000 pounds with parabolic springs.

The VNX is available with 385 wide-base, 425 and 445 tires to match front axle load capacity. Available rear axles range from 46,000 to 52,000 lbs in regular, dual-track and wide-track tandem configurations are available.

Dual steering gears and a 20,000-pound steerable pusher axle are also available as options.

The VNX provides an increased ride height to accommodate more articulation and front ramp angle.

A signature feature of the VNX is its distinct metallic, honeycomb-patterned grille and brightfinish steel bumper with center tow pin. A brightfinish steel moose bumper with center tow pin is also available.

The VNX utilizes Volvo's full-size daycab equipped with Volvo's ergonomic dash, ample storage room and contemporary styling and trim levels, ranging from vinyl for rugged applications to premium leather for ultimate driver comfort.

The Volvo VNX also provides proven safety features, like a sloped hood and large windshield for superior visibility, standard driver's side airbag and cab constructed with High-Strength Steel. Also standard is Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, a full electronic stability program that assists the driver in maintaining control during emergency maneuvers and braking events, dramatically reducing the likelihood of a rollover or jackknife.

Standard on all Volvo-powered, Remote Diagnostics helps maximize vehicle uptime by providing diagnostic and repair planning assistance with detailed analysis of critical diagnostic trouble codes.

In addition to providing proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance, the service helps improve parts availability and provides technicians at the repairing dealer with easy-to-read repair instructions before the truck arrives for service.

Remote Diagnostics has demonstrated a marked improvement in repair accuracy and efficiency, reducing the average diagnostic time at a service location by 71 percent and lowering the average time of repair by 25 percent, Nyberg said.