Volvo Trucks details multi-faceted approach to maximizing vehicle uptime

Volvo Trucks ( is continuing to advance its North American vehicle uptime strategy through a continued focus on innovative technologies, industry-leading services and ongoing growth and efficiency improvements throughout the Volvo dealer network.

"Vehicle uptime is vital for the success of our customers, so we're taking aim from a number of angles to help maximize the availability of their trucks," said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. "Building on our long history as a technology leader, we continue to focus on leveraging the latest technologies to drive greater efficiency throughout our operations.

"A total commitment to uptime also requires a strong dealer network, and we're quite pleased with the high level of engagement and dedication we're seeing throughout North America as our dealers continue to improve the capacity and efficiency of their operations."

A standard feature on all new Volvo-powered vehicles, Remote Diagnostics provides proactive diagnostic and repair planning assistance. The connected vehicle platform has demonstrated a marked improvement in repair accuracy and efficiency, reducing the average diagnostic time at a service location by 71 percent and lowering the average time of repair by 25 percent, Nyberg said.

Volvo has built more than 8,500 trucks with Remote Diagnostics since its 2012 introduction.

ASIST, Volvo's Web-based service communication platform, facilitates live dealer and customer communication through Volvo Action Service agents at the Uptime Center, Volvo's 24/7 support center.

Available at no charge to customers who purchase a new Volvo truck, ASIST lets customers receive electronic estimates, approve repairs and issue a purchase order, regardless of the vehicle's location. The online tool allows the customer to monitor vehicle status online, communicate directly with the dealer and maintain an electronic "file cabinet" of service activities.

Consolidating all maintenance events and communication in one powerful Web-based tool also eliminates invoice and repair surprises, noted Nyberg.

Volvo Trucks recently announced that it would establish a geo-fence - a virtual perimeter determined by GPS coordinates - around each of its North American dealer locations to help dealers and staff at Volvo's Uptime Center better understand the repair process, determine the most efficient way to address a repair situation and measure time to completion of repair at the service facility.

Geo-fencing technology enhances the effectiveness of Remote Diagnostics Volvo trucks equipped with Remote Diagnostics communicate with the geo-fence to identify each time the vehicle enters or leaves a Volvo dealer location.

To facilitate an accurate, consistent and efficient check-in process throughout the Volvo network, all new Volvo trucks will come factory-equipped with a unique QR code that's tied to the vehicle's VIN number.

Scanning the code with a QR reader, available for download on any smart phone or tablet device or tablet, provides instant access to detailed service records in ASIST and automatically transfers vital vehicle information like the year, model, serial number and last odometer reading to ASIST.

"All technologies are on the table, so long as they deliver clear value to our customers by improving the uptime of their vehicles," said Stephen Roy, Volvo Trucks senior vice president, aftermarket and soft products.

"It's not about technology for the sake of technology. It's about utilizing what's available to help reduce unplanned repairs and expedite the vehicle repair process."

Customers registered with Volvo's Uptime Protection Plan are reimbursed $100 a day for each day up to five for each warrantable engine repair that is not completed within 24 hours from the time of diagnosis. Reimbursements will be offered to the customer on a Volvo debit card that can be used at any Volvo Trucks dealership toward the payment of service, parts or accessories.

Uptime Protection Plan bundles together the Ride Assured pre-purchased preventative maintenance with extended warranty coverage to offer comprehensive service plans. Ride Assured can be financed with a new truck purchase.

Volvo Trucks in North America has entered into memorandums of agreement with both Telogis and Trimble to develop future fleet management services.  Both companies are industry leading providers of onboard fleet management and location intelligence services. 

As the first OEM to enter a collaborative business relationship with the industry's leading fleet management service providers, Roy said Volvo will offer customers increased flexibility as they optimize the performance of their fleets using the Telogis platform and Trimble, owner of PeopleNet, range of applications.

The agreements with Telogis and Trimble strengthen Volvo's Connected Vehicle Services category of  Volvo Trucks Support Services, he added. As a one-stop shop for service, parts and operations information, Volvo Trucks Support Services focuses on delivery of best-in-class fleet management solutions.

Ongoing Volvo dealer investments continue to improve the efficiency of Volvo's dealer network. Work capacity throughout Volvo Trucks' North American dealer network has grown by 20 percent since January 2010.

During the same time, available parts inventory has increased 60 percent while the number of Volvo master technicians has increased 10 percent.