Cummins Emission Solutions has liquid-only urea dosing system

The proprietary design of the spray nozzle on the EcoFit UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System offers improved atomization of urea, and is just one feature that sets this Cummins Emission Solutions system apart from all other liquid-only solutions in the market today, said Zach Gillen, general manager of the company's Engineered Components group.

A subsidiary of Cummins, the Cummins Emission Solutions is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating exhaust aftertreatment technology and solutions for the commercial on- and off-highway light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and high-horsepower engine markets ( 

EcoFit UL2 freeze-robust components allow for optimal pump-priming and the prevention of crystallization throughout the unit, Gillen explained.

Following the acquisition of Hilite International's Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) division in July 2012, Cummins Emission Solutions added the UL2 system to its engineered-components portfolio.

"The acquisition gave Cummins Emission Solutions the opportunity to quickly expand its portfolio of engineered components with a proven urea dosing technology," he said. "And we believe the combination of Cummins system integration expertise, coupled with Hilite's SCR component expertise, will allow us to better serve customers throughout the world."

The EcoFit UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System has been specifically designed and tested for leading emissions markets. With proven reliability through serial production and multiple summer and winter tests, the spray nozzle allows customization in flow rates and spray cone angles.

The intelligent doser, with temperature and pressure sensors at the point of injection, allows for flexible vehicle integration by accommodating varying dosing line lengths without affecting controls.

The challenges to urea dosing are surpassed by the system's unique dosing nozzle strategy, said Gillen. The dosing nozzle provides improved oxides of nitrogen (NOx) conversion efficiency rates through urea droplet sizes unrivaled by those of competitive airless systems.

With droplet sizes comparable to those of air-assisted systems, the likelihood of urea droplets in the Decomposition Reactor is significantly reduced.

As the only liquid-only doser on the market offering freeze robustness, urea can remain in the system at all times, even during freeze events, he pointed out. Keeping urea in the system prevents crystallization and clogging, eliminates the need for power at key-off for purging, allows quicker dosing at key-on and prevents damage to the system during intentional or unintentional power interruption of the vehicle.