Ask the Expert: What features should I look for in inspection software for my shop?

Think of features such as customizable questions and online marketing materials when determining which software to use.

Q: What features should I look for in inspection software for my shop?

A: As with any product in your shop, you should have what works best for you. A multi-functional shop will always need new or different things, so having customizable questions is key. And as with any business, you want to market you shop as much as possible.

Inspection software, such as the ProSpec software from Inspection Connection, prints your company name and logo on all materials and coupons provided to customers. Make yourself memorable and unforgettable, again at no extra time, work or advertising cost. Also, make yourself technologically savvy. Paper is becoming a thing of the past; everyone is online and using handheld technology that is bringing the world closer one gigabyte at a time.

With the ProSpec product, you can email all reports to customers with the attached pictures and all software can be used on any web-connected device. This means no more big, bulky machines taking up room if you don’t want them to. 

Information provided by: Inspection Connection

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