Ask the Expert: Are all vehicle inspections created equal?

Q: Are all vehicle inspections created equal?

A: Simple answer: No.

Why? All repair facilities are not created equal. ProSpec, a vehicle inspection software from Inspection Connection, allows shop owners to customize and change the inspection questions to fit what their shop specializes in. Whether it is brakes, tires or an overall courtesy inspection for the repair facilities that offer it all, the system can be molded to make it work for you and not the other way around.

Unlike many other systems, ProSpec is unique in the fact that it can turn any inspection into a "photo shoot." The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is true. Instead of reading about problems and repairs, technicians can easily provide photos that become attached to the printout so customers can see rather than read. While technicians are experts, customers are not. Pictures are an easy way to explain what needs to be repaired and why. 

Can all inspection programs bring your customers back again? Not likely. ProSpec is also unique in the fact that it can provide custom coupons for your customer's repairs that they will need to be done in the near future. The software also emails the customer a copy of the inspection findings so that they will have an electronic version to help remind them when future needs arise.  Customers are more likely to return to the store that graciously reminded them of their repairs and the one who provided the coupons for the service. All at no extra work to the employees.   If you have a 28-point courtesy inspection and 10 cars per day in your shop, you have 280 additional sales opportunities (28 X 10 = 280) in addition to building customer confidence and your sales.

Information provided by: Mark Duranty, Inspection Connection