Ask the Expert: Are vehicle inspections really necessary?

Q: Are vehicle inspections really necessary?

A: The question you should be asking is: Do your customers want to settle for the bare minimum? Well, while your reputation and your care for customer satisfaction is entirely up to you, inspection software gives you the ability to show clients that you go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. 

By providing a solution that can perform a variety of vehicle inspections including a basic courtesy inspection, inspection software allows shop owners to provide a professional inspection and also add in marketing tools to help build the business. So, while an inspection may not be necessary, it gives your customers confidence in your abilities to satisfy their cars with what is needed, defines current needs for immediate service and provides you the ability to market future service and repairs to your customers.

Not just worried about the customers? Inspections give shop owners the peace of mind knowing that every car is evaluated and inspected the same way every time. By using inspection software such as ProSpec from Inspection Connection, proprietors can be sure that technicians follow a step-by-step inspection procedure that follows MAP guidelines. Worried about the time it takes to train new employees? ProSpec trains for you, providing new hires with the guidelines they need to begin inspections on day one.

Information provided by: Inspection Connection