Tech Tip: How to charge a battery that appears "completely dead"

Along with Associated Equipment's integrated Power Supply and Memory Saver in the ESS6008MSK Smart Charger; another technician-driven feature is the "Dead Battery Override Switch."  

If an Intellamatic Charger does not see at least 4V coming from the battery, the battery appears completely dead.  Based on technician feedback, a switch has been added which when pressed for five seconds adds a surface charge to the battery allowing the automatic function of the battery charger to take over; a feature that has been added to all of the wheeled Intellamatic chargers as well as the 6366 4x20 Amp Charger.  This results in more efficient and time saving operations for the technician, saving the shop owner money.

As with all of Associated Equipment's Wheeled Chargers, the ESS6008MSK is a "Safe in Any Weather" operation charger with powdercoated steel cabinets, chrome-plated handles, heavy duty steel feet and Plastisol coated steel clamps as well as 100-percent copper U.S.A.-made tangle-free cables.

Along with one of the best warranties in the industry and offering over 250 repair centers across North America, Associated Equipment's Intellamatic Chargers provide the technician and shop owner four-tools-in-one.

Information provided by: Associated Equipment