Tech Tip: Consider intelligent battery chargers with a power supply for faster ROI

When deciding which battery charger or battery service equipment to use or purchase, consider a piece of equipment that provides multiple features.

The newest product in the Associated Intellamatic line is Model ESS6008MSK which provides the technician a single piece of equipment with four different tools built right in.  Integrated into one feature-rich product, the ESS6008MSK is an intelligent charger with the ability to charge all types of batteries, including AGM and Gel Cell batteries with patented microprocessor controlled diagnostics. 

A patented diagnostics tool tests the battery and diagnoses a weak battery within the first 15 minutes after hook-up.  Charging is safe and automatic, and when finished goes into a maintainer mode; it has been designed for the busy shop where time turning cars through the bays is critical.

The ESS6008MSK’s built-in integrated Power Supply provides 70 Amps of continuous power at 13.7V.  This level of sustained power is a requirement for extended key-on, engine-off diagnostics including vehicle re-flashing at the power required for BMW re-flashing procedures.  In addition, the newest innovation includes a Memory Saver Mode with a 12' fused DC adapter and OBDII connector for maintaining electrical power and presets during a battery removal or replacement procedure.  Today’s vehicle electrical systems are heavily burdened with computers, navigation systems, entertainment systems, theft prevention devices, vehicle seating presets, etc. and today’s customers do not want to spend the time resetting their vehicle if a technician disconnects the vehicle battery while using a Memory Saver.

Information provided by: Associated Equipment