Tech Tip: Are you using the right battery charger for automotive batteries?

Beginning in 1999 with the Corvette, over 25 million vehicles today have an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery installed as a starter battery.  AGM batteries have virtually no electrolyte in them and are sealed requiring special charging voltage from a battery charger of no higher than 14.4V. 

Charging AGM batteries with a conventional automotive battery charger will damage the battery and may destroy it in as little as one hour, typically resulting in some type of warranty claim.

Associated Equipment provides a full line of Intellamatic Smart Chargers specializing in charging all battery types, including AGM.  Associated began making intelligent chargers, Intellamatics for the introduction of the Toyota Prius in 2000.   OE manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Chrysler as well as the import manufacturers have all approved the Intellamatic intelligent chargers for their programs including as an essential tool for the Chrysler Grand Cherokee.   Intellamatic chargers are essential to correctly charge AGM and all other battery types saving money for both shop owners and their customers. 

Information provided by: Associated Equipment