MAC Tools TaskCode code reader

The Mac Tools Task Series family of code readers includes the TaskCode Trilingual OBD II/EOBD and CAN Code Reader (No. ET105AN). This line of code readers works efficiently and effectively to prioritize troubleshoot, pinpoint problem components and get fast, accurate code reads. These code readers have an online database of top repair fixes, which are linked to each code, and the online updates are free.


The review

Mike Steptoe, owner of Reliable Auto Repair in Fort Atkinson, WI, tried out the TaskCode code reader. He found that the unit helped with some basic, up-front diagnosis for vehicles entering his shop.

“The bigger (scan tools) take time to boot up, and then you have to enter all of the vehicle-specific information on the bigger scanners. For this one, it just goes in OBDII generically,” said Steptoe. “It offers quicker code reading.”

Steptoe advised he uses code readers one of two ways: for “parking lot diagnosis” to quickly read a code and determine whether the vehicle needs immediate attention or if it can be postponed; and to pinpoint which system actually failed on the vehicle.

This initial diagnosis helps Steptoe efficiently determine the next steps to fixing vehicles that come into his shop.

Steptoe used the code reader for a number of functions, including clearing codes on vehicles and resetting the "check engine" light. He found the unit easy to use, with step-by-step instructions once the unit was plugged in.

“(The unit) tells you right on the screen what to do next, if you want to read codes, clear codes. You just plug it into the ALDL connector and go.”

For improvements, Steptoe suggested the possiblity of having the ability to read body computer information and ABS information.

Steptoe advised there were five different functions to use from the main screen: code reading, VIN number, freeze frame, "check engine" status (on/off) and input/output monitors for emissions testing.

Overall, Steptoe rated the tool an eight out of 10 because of its speed and ease of use.