Makita 12V MAX Cordless Recipro Saw

Makita offers the 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Recipro Saw, No. RJ01W, featuring a variable speed motor with a 1/2” length stroke for faster cutting. The saw performed faster than the leading competitor when cutting 1-1/2” PVC pipe and 1” EMT, according to the manufacturer. The “tool-less” blade change system allows for faster blade installation and removal for increased productivity. The dual-position on/off switch allows for either paddle switch or trigger switch operation for increased versatility. The compact size (14” long, 2.6 lbs) is engineered for convenient one-handed operation.


The review

Tom Karagianis, owner and lead technician at Tarkus Automotive in Milwaukee, WI, reviewed the Makita Recipro Saw.

“I picked it up and used it the day I got it. I’ve been using it ever since,” said Karagianis.

Of the features Karagianis liked, he listed the quick change, the unit’s light weight and the ease of use to get into tighter areas than a larger saw.

When discussing the dual-position, on/off switch, he said the paddle and trigger switch operation gave him better access for undercar jobs in hard-to-reach areas.

He also appreciated the long-lasting battery life and quick charging of the lithium-ion batteries.

“Any lithium-ion (batteries), they work wonderfully,” said Kargianis. “They’re so much better than the old batteries. They last longer than the other chargeable batteries.”

Karagianis used the tool on a number of smaller jobs, including cutting small parts.

“It’s great for making small parts, when you’re welding or making a bracket or cutting something apart when you don’t want to use a cut-off tool.”

Karagianis went on to explain other uses he found for the tool.

“It’s great for getting into corners and cutting bolts off, where you can’t get to with a torch or when you’re near wiring. All kinds of odd jobs around the shop.”

Karagianis said the metal blade has lasted through multiple uses. “The blade seems to last a very long time, as long as you keep it oiled.”

Karagianis also mentioned that he had used other blades with the unit, for more heavy-duty jobs. “I’ve used it with another name brand saw to cut pipe and exhaust.”

When asked if he had any improvements for the tool, he said, “No.”

Karagianis went on to explain, “I like it because it’s short. It’s easy to handle. It’s lightweight. I absolutely love it. “