Delphi to help meet global emission standards

Delphi Automotive's "ground-breaking" common rail technologies for heavy duty diesel fuel injection equipment offer truck manufacturers flexible solutions for meeting stringent emissions requirements around the world, according to Randolph Williams, the company's commercial vehicle marketing and business development manager.

Delphi Automotive is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments.

Williams says the company is leading the industry with its new systems by providing a choice of three architectures. While competitor technologies require manufacturers to redesign their engines to fit the common rail system, Delphi offers an architecture that will fit current and future engine designs.

Diesel fuel injection equipment

Delphi's heavy duty diesel fuel injection equipment (FIE) meets demanding global emissions standards, including the requirements of Euro VI, NA 13, Japan PPNL TR and Final Tier 4B, says Williams. It also provides solutions that will help truck makers meet future legislation.

The three architectures include: the conventional remote pump common rail (F2R) and two distributed pump common rail systems: F2E for overhead cam-driven pumps and F2P for pumps driven by a cam in the block.

"Designed to operate at up to 3,000 bar, Delphi's systems build on the high pressure capability of our proven electronic unit injector (EUI) and electronic unit pump (EUP) systems while incorporating the attributes of common rail systems," says David Friday, Delphi Diesel Heavy Duty managing director. "For engine designers upgrading existing EUI or EUP power units, the two distributed pump systems offer an ideal progression with minimal changes to engine architecture.

Design flexibility and high-precision

Delphi has developed a unique, highly modular system that offers multiple benefits, Friday says. The distributed pump systems introduce the first application of outlet metering valves in each pumping element.

This provides flexible capacity to accommodate different engine ranges and families by adding or subtracting pumping elements and also accommodates selectable displacement by utilizing some or all of the installed pumping elements to meet the immediate demand, he notes. The base design provides engine designers with flexible upgrade steps as their requirements evolve.

Next generation ultra-high-pressure systems

The Delphi team continues to investigate the next generation of technologies for applications beyond 2020, says Friday. "We have some very exciting developments in valve technology already working in our laboratories and are talking with customers about ultra-high efficiency systems that are more tightly integrated with the engine."

Delphi currently provides systems that are capable of operating at up to 3,000 bar and is investigating higher pressures.

"Our focus is on greater efficiency and more precise control, which may avoid the need for the costs associated with higher pressures," he notes. "We have world-leading expertise in this field that we intend to continue developing so that our customers have complete flexibility in their design decisions."

Delphi Powertrain supplies complete diesel fuel injection systems for light, medium and heavy duty applications in all world markets. Delphi also supplies gasoline fuel injection and engine management electronics and is at the cutting-edge of developments in power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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