WheelTime announces plans to adopt Cojali's multi-brand diagnostic tool in North America

All makes diagnostic tool developed by Cojali with help from the WheelTime Network.

"Cojali is a totally different kind of diagnostic tool supplier than any we have here in North America today," said Delaney. "The company grew up in Europe, where manufacturer networks are even tighter and vehicle suppliers use more proprietary components, making it especially difficult for independents.

"Cojali creates completely self-developed tools, independent of equipment manufacturers or anyone else. The company's goal is to enable independent repair - and its tools and training programs are very popular." 

With WheelTime's accelerating business in total truck and all makes repairs, Delaney said the company saw the problem coming and began to look for a better solution several years ago. "When we met the folks at Cojali and saw their combined strengths in electronic parts production, tool creation and technical training, we knew we had a winning match." 

"We are very pleased to be a facilitating partner alongside Cojali as they build a presence in the North American markets," he concluded. "We see this as both an important strategic step in expanding our share in the service market, and a significant growth opportunity for all independent repair facilities," he said. 

To learn more, visit www.WheelTime.com.

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