WheelTime announces plans to adopt Cojali's multi-brand diagnostic tool in North America

All makes diagnostic tool developed by Cojali with help from the WheelTime Network.

WheelTime Network has announced adoption of a newly released all makes, total truck diagnostics software tool from Cojali USA as the diagnostic tool of choice throughout its North American network. Cojali developed its recently enhanced North American Jaltest tool package with product testing assistance from WheelTime.

WheelTime is North America's largest dedicated service and parts network for Quality Truck Care. It was established in 2004 as a strategic alliance amongst all of North America's Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors. The goal was to adopt and implement a common set of quality metrics that would help them monitor and continually enhance specific service performance criteria as defined by customers.

Cojali is Europe's largest multi-brand diagnostic tool supplier.

Founded in 1991, the Cojali Group of companies has been providing business solutions for the heavy duty commercial vehicle market.

In addition to using the diagnostics tool throughout its network, WheelTime will assist Cojali with sales and distribution of the advanced diagnostics tool. WheelTime was selected by Cojali to be its primary training partner in the U.S.

"Over the last two years, we have supported Cojali as they researched market needs and developed their diagnostics products for North America," said Mike Delaney, president and CEO of WheelTime. "We have tested the product and provided feedback to their engineers, who worked tirelessly to meet product objectives.

"With its broad range of heavy and medium duty diagnostics capabilities built into one simple package, this is the ideal diagnostics set for our increasingly diverse operations."

Multi-brand tool

The Jaltest multi-brand tool conveniently integrates all major systems and manufacturers - engine, transmission, brake systems, cabin system, suspension and more - into one simple software bundle, Delaney noted. "There is no need to buy many expensive and separate systems because Jaltest is all inclusive.

"The software is customized for the U.S. market, with features such as the user friendly Vehicle System Scan process which allows the user to get productive quickly. With just one click, Jaltest will read out all systems installed in a vehicle and pull out relevant information via its VIN decoding feature."

Also imbedded within the Jaltest software is a complete Technical Database that includes schematics, wiring diagrams and systems technical data.

Troubleshooting guides are in development now and it is all being designed to work together, he said. The objective is to help the technician get to the core of the problem fast, the first time around.

"What Cojali has produced is truly extraordinary," Delaney opined. "A tool like this has never existed in North America before. It will revolutionize the ability for independent shops to perform high quality repairs on a broad range of equipment with confidence.

"In addition, shops will be able to buy the software and continuous upgrades for a fraction of the investment they would have to make buying all of the modules individually from OEs - if they could get them at all." 

Another evolution step

"We've evolved well beyond our original charter of working primarily just on engines and transmissions" said Delaney. "We are constantly being asked to do more, but doing quality work on trucks, coaches and busses that have themselves evolved and which are increasingly computerized has become harder and harder. 

"Add to that the fact that our repair and preventive service work is increasingly expanding to the field and the problem becomes even greater. Current tool costs and availability make it nearly impossible to contemplate equipping all of our 3,500 techs and 1,500 service vehicles with the limited diagnostic tool choices available in the market today. 

"We needed to find a solution to support our all makes, total truck strategy," he continued. "So two years ago we turned to Europe's largest multi-brand diagnostics supplier - Cojali - to help us find an answer.

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