Keep rotating your inventory

Change up the location of product to entice customers to purchase.

Instead of just holding tools, your truck should be selling tools. Think of your truck more as a convenience store than a storehouse. In this case, rotating inventory will increase your overall sales. The more new things a customer sees in a year, chances are the more new things he'll buy over that year.

"You should rotate inventory every day," says Cornwell Tools Training Manager Kurt Hopt. Obviously, you can't rotate your entire stock in a day, but you can rotate a little each day and, over a week, make a big dent by the next time you're back at that stop. "When you sell a product, you should rotate something new into its place. It's just that simple."

A small daily rotation makes the process painless while keeping your inventory looking fresh and well stocked. Remember, "an understocked truck is an underperforming truck," says Hopt.

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