Sales tip: Extending credit wisely

Knowing how much credit to extend a customer is an important part of the job that Cornwell Dealer Shane Sutton knows all about. Knowing which customers to extend credit to is a skill that a dealer acquires with time. Sutton tries to offer flexible payment plans with customers, as he has learned that customers appreciate this. One customer recently wanted scan tool that cost nearly $600. Sutton agreed to accept $100 in weekly payments.

The most important thing Sutton learned as a district manager is the importance of taking the time needed to do everything the right way. A tool dealer simply cannot take short cuts. This is what separates the successful dealers from the losers.

As his business grows, he will consider hiring someone to help him with orders, arranging displays and making special deliveries. "It would free up a lot of my time," he says.

Sutton's experience as a district manager also taught him the importance of education. This is a key reason he attends the Cornwell Expo every year.

"The amount of money I make is up to me," he says. "I don't have anybody holding me back. If I don't do well in this business, it's my own fault."

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