Hadley introduces its SmartValve Electronic Height Control System

The component reduces landing gear damage and makes drop-and-hook faster, easier and safer.

SmartValve's drop-and-hook benefits in saving time and effort result in a much better working environment and greatly improved driver comfort, said Zirlin. "SmartValve can be an important recruiting tool for the many fleets facing driver shortages today." 

Improved fuel economy

The SmartValve Electronic Height Control System can also help fleets save fuel. Fuel economy is improved through greater ride height accuracy, resulting in reduced compressor run time and avoidance of unnecessary valve actuations, Dubsky said. 

SmartValve provides OEMs with a tool to design more aerodynamic tractors, which automatically lower vehicle ride heights at highway speeds, he noted.

Hadley tested this technology at the Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds with extensive SAE J1321 Type II Fuel Economy Testing. The results show a 0.7 percent improvement on the specific tractor model tested at low ride height.

With new tractor designs, said Dubsky that could mean savings of $700 or more annually for every tractor in the fleet. A 100 tractor fleet would save 17,500 gallons of diesel every year.

The SmartValve Electronic Height Control System is available now as a retrofit kit for specific applications, with additional coverage expanding in the months ahead. SmartValve will be available later this year for OE installation. 

To learn more, visit www.hadleyadvantage.com

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