2013 Distributor of the Year: Wayne Kolvoord, MAC Tools

Fort Wayne, Ind. Mac Tools franchisee sees his customers, his industry and his community as his extended family.

Kolvoord keeps a close watch on credit processors, whose transaction fees he claims vary considerably. He says he recently switched processors and has more than cut his monthly fees in half to about $400. "It's like getting a raise," he says.

He also saved money recently by switching mobile phone services.

"You've got to be looking for what's new out there," he adds.

Forming a dealer network

Kolvoord has found great benefit in the Mac Tools field service group, a group of regional distributor who meet periodically to share experiences. Through this group, he has been able to learn from people with as much as 26 years' experience. "I always learn something," he said. He also gets ideas about what products are popular. "It's always nice to hear what's selling good in somebody else's area."

Last summer, Kolvoord spearheaded a group of five distributors to meet and spend time on a Saturday walking each others' trucks. The distributors spent five hours together, spending time on each others' trucks and sharing ideas.

Next summer, the group will expand on this and invite the public to visit their trucks. They will serve food and advertise the event.

Kolvoord views the group activity as way to make the Mac Tools name stronger which in turn will make his business stronger.

He has found it helpful to attend the Mac Tools tool fair, where he can buy tools that offer 1-year, same as cash terms. This financing is a great customer incentive.

In the future, Kolvoord hopes to operate multiple trucks.

The most important skill to succeed in any type of sales, Kolvoord says, is people skills. "To have that rapport with customers requires some effort and time,"  he says. "It's a pretty big trust factor."

Top 5 Tools

1) DeWalt 12V MAX li-ion 1.5 Ah combo pack (impact, driver drill and flashlight combo).
2) Mac Tools AWP050 1/2” drive impact wrench.
3) Mac Tools 21-piece cobalt drill bit set.
4) Mac Tools Task Connect OBD II CAN, ABS and airbag scan tool.
5) Mac Tools tire inflator gauge with dual foot chuck.


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