Tech Tip: What to look for in a 12V lead-acid battery charger

Safety, "plug-and-play" functionality and an ability to combine maintenance charging with desulfation to keep battery plates clean and capable of holding a full charge are key elements in selecting a 12V lead-acid battery charger.

PulseTech's Xtreme Charge Battery Charger and Desulfator, for example, features all of the above as it evaluates and tests all types of 12V lead-acid batteries regardless of size of CCA rating, including AGM, gel-cell and VRLA. This battery charger makes maintenance and bulk charging simple with proprietary algorithms and microprocessor controlled technology that measures voltage and current to determine the proper operating charge. The variable float charge, of this battery charger, improves battery condition by increasing the charge rate safely to optimal levels and protecting it from being overcharged.

Also, only PulseTech's maintenance chargers offer the exclusive Pulse Technology, a patented system unique in its ability to reduce the build-up of sulfation on battery plates resulting in the battery working at peak efficiency. Studies have shown that batteries routinely maintained with Pulse Technology can extend battery life up to five times.

Set up takes just a few minutes and this state-of-the-art battery charger automatically knows what to do so you don't have to be a battery expert to use it. Unlike other smart chargers on the market, you don't need to select the battery type or the proper charge rate for the battery to avoid the risk of unsafe or improper charging.

Information provided by: PulseTech Products Corp.