Tech Tip: How to avoid premature battery failure

Through years of product development and customer evaluation, PulseTech Products Corporation discovered that if used properly, 12V lead-acid battery testing, charging and maintenance products utilizing the patented Pulse Technology can reduce a fleet's annual consumption by 70 percent or more.

Recommended is a scheduled routine "cradle to the grave" Battery Management Maintenance Program (BMMP) that clearly defines procedures in handling and safety, preventative and corrective maintenance, testing and diagnostics, charging and ultimately battery replacement.

As one example, PulseTech crafted a maintenance plan for the Kentucky Army National Guard (KYARNG) that met their unique blend of battery service and maintenance equipment, battery inventory and vehicle usage, involving more than 3,500 vehicles. Since the KYARNG implemented the BMMP, they have experienced a 90 percent reduction in battery year-to-year replacements and gained one man-year of productivity due to the reductions in time spent replacing and maintaining batteries.

PulseTech's BMMP is not a case of one procedure or set of products fitting all but utilizing certain products based on types equipment, functionality and work schedule demands.

Information provided by: PulseTech Products Corp.