Tech Tip: The advantages of digital battery testers

Diagnosing any cranking or drivability complaint should begin with a test of the vehicles battery before proceeding. Therefore, every repair shop needs to own a battery tester and there are two ways to go: digital and load testers. Take some time to decide which type of tester is best for your shop.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Digital testers, like the one shown, are the newer technology and can supply a wider variety of information like printed records and specific test results data for the customer to see. Among the brands, there are slight differences in technologies, but in the end, test results are very similar. Some even sample the battery's temperature and incorporate into the test results.

Testing with digital units can take much less time and this can be a big factor for a busy shop. Another big advantage is the ability of digital testers to give test results for discharged batteries. However, the lower the battery's static voltage, the more you will see a test result which indicates "recharge and retest."

There is no question the digital testers are more convenient, portable and faster, but traditional load testers are still popular and give consistent testing results.

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Information provided by: Electronic Specialties, Inc.