City of Hoboken goes for actionable fleet information

Once noted for its industry and bustling waterfront, Hoboken, NJ, is now an upscale residential community of more than 50,000 people concentrated in two square miles with a grid of only 48 streets. Within that tight area, the city’s departments operate a fleet of more than 150 municipal vehicles, including police cars, fire vehicles, public works equipment and three small buses.

Hoboken recently selected Dossier fleet maintenance management software from Arsenault Associates ( - a provider of fleet maintenance management software - to manage its diverse fleet. It had been looking for a way to have better manage its preventive maintenance program, recordkeeping and tracking of its vehicles, plus wanted the capability to do budgeting, says Joseph Bucino, superintendent of Hoboken’s Division of Streets and Roads.

The city’s vehicle maintenance staff includes three technicians and three office workers responsible for parts inventory and data input, among other duties.

Dossier is already improving maintenance operations by “telling us when inspections and registrations are due,” says fleet manager Maricela Rivera. “We can print out all the work done on a specific vehicle, including cost breakdowns. We weren’t able to do that before.”

Bucino says the next step is to take pictures of each vehicle and put them in the system. Dossier users can attach photographs and documents in common digital formats to files and work orders, a capability particularly useful for tracking physical damage and repairs.