Global 2013 medium and heavy commercial truck market outlook

Despite strong economic pushback medium and heavy truck sales set to reach 2.8 million

The global penetration of NG and hybrid electric trucks is estimated to reach 0.8 percent this year. An estimated 16,000 units of NG (CNG/LNG) medium and heavy duty trucks are expected to be sold globally, with around 6,000 sold in North America.

Hybrid electric truck sales are also expected to amount to 6,000 units, with North America continuing to be the major market for this segment.

Frost & Sullivan research also indicates a growing demand for telematics enabled Fleet Management Services (FMS) in the North America, Europe, Russia, Brazil and South Africa markets. Subsequently, the Middle East and Asia markets are expected to gain momentum beyond 2015.

Within FMS, track and trace emerges as major application area in BRIC and Next 11 nations, while in North America and Europe vehicle and driver performance monitoring applications, such as prognostics, are expected to be the focus areas.

Sandeep Kar is global director of commercial vehicle research for Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive & Transportation business. Bharani Lakshminarasimhan is the business’ team leader of commercial vehicle research. Frost & Sullivan provides in-depth research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation and implementation of powerful growth strategies for a broad range of industries.

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