Girls dig green toolboxes


Rachel Falkowski

Hiller Ford

Franklin, WI


When she was just one year in the business, Rachel Falkowski, who’s used to getting extra notice being a female in a mostly male environment, bucked the trend and got a large toolbox right off the bat.

Her choice of toolbox? A Mac Tools Macsimizer Super Station M Class II.

“Being a short girl rolling in my new huge toolbox, when I first started I got razzed for it,” Falkowski remembers, “But now with all my tools it fits me perfect.”

Even though her box was big for its time, many techs at the dealership, some of whom started out at the same time as her, were not happy being outdone by a woman. Falkowski observed that all of sudden everyone started getting a larger toolbox. “It seems as if all the guys have boxes bigger than me now,” Falkowski observes. “Maybe they were planning to get bigger boxes all along. I just skipped the small rollaway everyone starts out with for the big box right away.”

Falkowski’s favorite features about the box are its color and hutch. The hutch helps the box store larger tools securely and the dark green color stands out, while not giving off the impression that it is dirty. “It’s a cool green color, which is my favorite, and I don’t see too many like mine,” she says.

That is not to say Falkowski is only interested in aesthetics. The box packs serious tools, “about $40,000” worth by her estimate. As a Ford dealer technician, she has an IDS, the Ford factory scan tool. But to do many of the common services, Falkowski invested in $15,000 of hand tools, $10,000 in air tools and at least another $10,000 in tools such as cordless impacts, torque wrenches, a jump starter, hammers, tap/die sets, brake tools, etc.

Falkowski’s specialty? She’s known as the “Sync Diva.” “I specialize in the Ford ‘Sync’ computer systems. When we have any Sync system issues, I am the go-to person.”

Even after seven years with the toolbox, Falkowski is still very happy with it. “The box is something I bought and paid off myself,” she says proudly. “Every tool I own outright with no loans.”

When asked how it felt to be a female in the automotive repair sector, she was adamant: “I couldn’t picture doing anything else. I like the ‘surprise’ every day that keeps the job interesting. All the guys I work with accepted me from the start and always made me feel that I was part of the group. Honestly putting your mind to it, and working hard being a female in the auto field is possible for any girl if they keep pushing forward and work hard. I am almost a Ford senior master technician. This is the highest ranking as a Ford automotive tech, and I am almost there!”