Ask the Expert: What's the benefit of subscribing to an online repair information service?

Q: What is the benefit of subscribing to an online repair information product when I can find so much information for free on the Internet?

A: The Internet is an amazing resource, but it isn’t designed to help automotive repair professionals find information quickly while on the job. Saving time is the biggest benefit of subscribing to an online repair information product. Information is categorized and linked to make it easy to find. It’s formatted and displayed so it is easy to read online and to print. There are many other features which fit right into the typical shop workflow. Finding the correct information on the Internet might take 20 minutes of searching, compared to one or two when using a service designed for the purpose. It doesn’t take too many searches to make it cost efficient to pay for a subscription.

Another critical benefit is accuracy. We've all come across conflicting “facts” on the Internet, or had to check a few different sites just to verify a simple bit of data. Providers of online repair information products typically pay to license information directly from the manufacturers, so you can be sure the information is accurate.

When you subscribe to an online repair information product, you are paying for the cost and expertise required to gather vast amounts of information from multiple manufacturers and put it in usable format.

For example, Autodata Publications employs experienced technicians to compile, edit, format and design the information and illustrations found on Quick-Reference PRO, our online product. These technicians use their knowledge and experience to make the product ideally suited for use in the shop. Technicians know that having the right tool for the job is critical and 'shortcuts' can cost valuable time. It’s time to think of your information resources as valuable, time saving tools.