Tech Tip: Features to consider before purchasing a borescope

Understand the inspection need prior to selecting a borescope – With the options available, it is best to fully understand the elements of the inspection to maximize investment. Assess the critical needs such as illumination requirement, magnification and documentation requirements.  Critical optical characteristics include:

  1. Depth of field: how far will you need to view and also define your near focus point?
  2. Field of view: will define the area covered in a single inspection pass as well as the magnification under which you will see the target.
  3. Direction of view: Is there adequate clearance to articulate the borescope or will you need a side viewing optic?
  4. Will it be beneficial to record what is inspected and what will you do with this data?  Be sure to have a standard industry image/video format of documentation so that your data is easily migrated to off line storage or other platform.

Advanced preparation will lead to a more complete inspection and overall satisfaction with the video borescope.

Information provided by: Gene McGary, IT Concepts